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Doubletake: Clever logos with hidden meanings

Some of these logos are so well known that we see them every day. But do we really know these logos? Here are ten examples of logos that contain hidden images or messages:

1. Amazon

The arrow under the logo starts at A and ends at Z, emphasising the company’s ethos of selling everything from A to Z.
Amazon Logo


2. Baskin Robbins

Focus on the pink of the logo and you will notice the number 31 emerges from the ‘BR’, representing their 31 ice cream flavours.
Baskin Robbins 31 logo


3. Eight

Eight is not only spelt out, the letterforms are comprised entirely of portions of the number 8.

Eight logo


4. FedEx

Negative space is employed here between the ‘E’ and ‘X’ to create an arrow, pushing the courier message. The FedEx logo has won over 40 awards internationally.

FedEx logo

5. Guild of Food Writers

At first glance the logo simply looks like the nib of a pen, but look closer and you will see the negative space within forms a spoon.
Guild of Food Writers logo


6. MyFonts

An attractive freehand type reveals a hand created from ‘My’ reaching for ‘Fonts’.

My Fonts logo


7. Pittsburgh Zoo

Another triumph of negative space, the logo is a tree, but also a Gorilla and Lion’s faces.
Pittsburgh Zoo logo


8. Snooty Peacock

This vintage jewellery shop is represented by a face, but a peacock motif is also visible.
Snooty Peacock logo


9. Toblerone

Yet another famous logo. Look closely within the mountain and you will see the silhouette of a bear. This references the companies founding town of Bern, otherwise known as ‘the city of bears’.
Toblerone logo


10. Yoga Australia

And finally Yoga Australia. The negative space of the females pose creates the shape of Australia.
Yoga Australia logo


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