Mon 18th February


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Get the Best from your Banners

When it comes to print that impresses, bigger is definitely better. Large format prints are designed to be visible at a distance, and in turn this means that a range of viewing distances must be taken into account throughout the design process.



A pressing issue in the large format world. Problems with text size become multiplied by variances in viewing distance so it is important to understand where your print will be situated before the design stage.

To ensure your banners are always readable, use our simplified legibility chart to work out your requirements:

Image Quality

Print quality for standard sized prints is 300dpi (dots per inch). This differs from the lower requirements of screen resolution at 72dpi. Be aware when using images in your banners, that most photos downloaded from cameras, mobiles and the Internet are at this lower resolution and need to be converted for printing. Increasing the resolution will also decrease the printed size of the image.

A common misconception with banners is that they do not require the high 300dpi resolution, as they will be viewed from a distance so a resolution of around 100dpi is more appropriate. However, if your banner will be viewed from multiple distances then 300dpi is your best option to preserve optimum viewing quality.

It is often hard to find photographs that will comfortably fit large-scale prints, so a great alternative is to use vector-based images. These can be scaled to whatever size required and can be purchased from all good stock image libraries.


Colour Choices

Contrast is key when it comes to banner design. To make your text stands out, use dark text on a light background or visa-versa to ensure your text is readable.

Here at Printworks, we offer a range of banners and displays. Contact us to discuss your large format needs.


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