Fri 18th January


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How to Utilise Large Format Digital Printing

When you think of large format printing your mind may go straight to banners. But there’s many more options in the world of large format print, and picking the best for you business is key. Here’s Printworks’ rundown of popular large format options:



The first choice for most large-scale advertising, banners can come in a variety of sizes and as well as materials to suit any setting. Mesh banners for example allow air to pass through, a useful feature for outdoor use. Use banners as an effective way to advertise outdoors with eye-catching graphics to quickly attract attention. For large indoor spaces, banners can also be very effective, allowing graphics to stand-alone in open space such as this example from the Science Museum, London:



Portable Stands

For a more portable or self-supporting alternative to banners, stands are a great option. At Printworks we offer two main kinds of stands, our Monarch pop-up stands and roller banners, both portable. The Monarch is a curved stand, measuring around 3 metres across by around 2.5 metres high, making a great shapely canvas for your design. The stand consists of a foldable metal frame and the design is split into rollable panels, which attach via velcro. The roller banner is a smaller alternative and simply consists of a portrait banner that is unrolled and attached to a support. The portable nature of these types of display make them great for exhibiting.




Posters are a great alternative to banners. For one-off posters you don’t have to be restricted by size:

Posters can give you a great choice in terms of finish and can be mounted onto board and laminated to make a sturdy and waterproof outdoor fixture.




Digital large format can also be used to create signage, from swing boards to shop signs. For a luxury finish on a smaller scale, digital print can be used in a stand off:




An alternative to posters and frames, a canvas print is a great way of displaying you photo or graphic. An added aesthetic benefit of a canvas print is that it’s a format with depth.




Digitally printed wallpaper is a unique way of transforming wall space. It can be used for the standard tessellating patterns of ordinary wallpaper to creating a full photographic print across a wall.



Vehicle Wraps and Stickers

Another unusual way to use digital printing is to decorate your companies’ vehicles. Be it through individual stickers or a full vehicle wrap, large format print allows for any graphic to be applied to your vehicle. You could use this to simply to create a strong sense of brand or for advertising purposes.



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