Fri 30th November


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Print Media vs Social Media

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The growing popularity of social media in recent years has completely changed the marketing scene. Many could argue that printed marketing is dying, but read on to find out how a selection of both can be great for your business.

So let’s look at the pros and cons of social media vs print.

Social Media

• Social networks can enable you to create online communities where you can share with your customers and they in turn can share your ideas and marketing to others.
• Social networks also have the advantage of multimedia, allowing you to utilise video and interactive content.
• Social media can also be tracked, analysed and precisely targeted at your preferred audience.

• Older generations in particular who do not regularly use devices such as smart phones or computers won’t be able to access the social media experience.

Print Media

• Printed media has tactile appeal. You can create a unique experience for the customer through the product, be it through luxury thick paper stocks, glossy finishes or speciality touches like foil or spot varnishing.
• Print is also far more diverse than it used to be. Alongside the multitude of specialist finishes, print is also getting larger and more weather proof.
• You don’t have to be technologically savvy to encounter print media.
• Printed media can also be used to promote its social counterparts through web addresses or QR codes.
• Very effective for localised advertising, allowing you to target a specific area through methods such as leaflet dropping, posters and eye-catching banners.

• Some printed media can be seen as junk mail as it cannot always be as precisely targeted as social media marketing.

Utilise Both

Its important to keep a happy balance of printed to social media marketing. Use the social side to create communities of customers, share ideas and gain feedback. Then reaffirm this with your printed marketing. Use leafleting to promote yourself and your social connections, and use posters and banners for localised impact.


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