Mon 8th April


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Sophisticated and Stylish Spot UV Business Cards


Your business cards are your first impression to your customers, so making sure it’s memorable is important. Adding a spot varnish to your card is a great way to grab attention, as the varnish catching the light helps give the card some movement and depth.

The following ten examples are of business cards that utilise spot varnishes in a variety of different ways, from simply varnishing the logo, to creating pattern and texture as well as adding a varnished design over blank card to create a more subtle look.×386.jpg


If you feel that a spot varnish is something you want to incorporate into your business cards, contact us and we would be happy to discuss your ideas further.


3 Responses to “Sophisticated and Stylish Spot UV Business Cards”

  1. R Moon says:

    These business cards are so much more than the basic boring cards I get from suppliers, I would certainly be more interested in contacting a business with cards like these. They give the impression of style and individuality… In fact I’m going to have to take this idea to my boss!

  2. darren l says:

    i like the quality looking business cards. my son could make use of these when he establishes his career as a guitar tutor (currently doing a music degree in leeds)

  3. Becky Morgan says:

    Loving your Sophisticated and Stylish Spot UV Business Cards, you have some very talented graphic designers. Fabulous work.

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