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Choosing the right style of Logo for your Business

Whether it’s on your website, on a flyer or even on your business card, your logo is your customers’ first point of contact with your brand. Therefore it’s important to consider the design of your logo and what it says about you. There are four main types of logo style to choose from:


A wordmark logo is simply a word only logo, making use of font and colour to create interest and memorability, sometimes with a graphic flourish to the text. Wordmark logos are great for new businesses in particular as they spell out the business, yet do it in a way that is visually memorable.



Similar to word mark letter mark logos again make exclusive use of text but this time using initial or individual letters to represent the business.



Brandmarks take a different approach to the first two styles by relying on an image as the entire logo. This works well for iconic brands and builds a stronger recognisability than just text. The drawback of this style is that it does not promote the business name, important for new or small businesses.



Iconic logos are the best of both worlds, combining text with image. They therefore allow for a strong visual identity through imagery whilst still displaying the name of the business.


Logo Families

In some instances a variety of similar logos, or a logo family is used to allow the logo to be manipulated for different scenarios. A great example of this would be the City of Melbourne Logo designed by agency Landor:

The boundaries of these different types of logo are often blurred and it can be difficult to tell sometimes which category a logo falls into. What is most important is how your logo represents your business.


Printworks Online Design Service

No Artwork? No Problem! Printworks Online have a team of graphic designers with the design skills to translate your ideas into stunning visually effective pieces of print. We are focussed on presenting your brand to your audience in the most effective possible way. Drawing attention to your key messages and ensuring you get the return on investment on your print you require. If you would like to speak to someone about your artwork needs or for a design quotation please drop us an email: or phone: 01937 585575