Mon 27th January


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Trophy design for the Tour de France

With the Tour de France approaching Yorkshire in the summer, I thought it would be appropriate to feature some of its lesser-known design icons. For the last three years the winners’ commemorative trophies have been designed by Peter Olah of designer Czech glassmakers Lasvit and the designs live up to the company’s formidable reputation.
The three trophies all share a similar form, a geometric hourglass allowing for the trophy to both have substantial weight to the form, whilst being easy to grip by hand. The slanted angle at the top of the trophies allows you to best appreciate the luxurious thickness of the hand-blown glass. Each set of trophies also gets their own particular sense of style through their textured finishes.
The 2013 trophy has a particularly impressive pattern, especially when you realise that each trophy is created by hand. The trophy has an opalescent layer applied, which is then ground away using powerful cutters to reveal the original glass beneath. The result is a striking spiral cross-hatch.
So with the 2014 Grand Départ fast approaching, we wait patiently for this years’ trophy design. In the meantime, check out Lasvit’s other creation on their website.


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