Wed 6th March


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What Makes a Killer Business Card

A business card is a powerful tool for such a small item. Its purpose it to both promote your business and provide key contact details and as such should be treated with a considered design. There are so many ways that you can make your business card stand out from the crowd, but here are a few of the design rules that I find never fail to make an impact.


There are a few reasons why simpler is always better for a business card. Firstly they’re small, so space is limited. Keep text to the minimum essentials to keep it large enough to be readable and also keep enough breathing space around the text to stop the design looking cluttered. Secondly, your business card is in essence a small advert so keeping it clean and simple will make sure that your message will stand out. Remember simple does not have to mean boring: paired down but bold use of colour for example can be used to create impact.

Think about both sides

Double-sided business cards are a great way of both giving yourself more space to work with but also creating a stronger impression by making it an object that is viewed from all angles. How the sides interact is a more important feature than many realise with simple interactions like moving from a text based side to a pictorial reverse, or colourful to plain helping to establish a sense of brand atmosphere. One of my favourite uses of double-sided cards is to keep all text-based information on one side and make use of a picture of pattern on the other side for contrast. Pattern in particular is very effective as it naturally draws your eyes’ curiosity.


Keep to a standard size

The standard size for a UK business card is 85mm x 55mm. Some would argue that breaking free of these boundaries with something different will make your card stand out from the crowd and for some brands this has worked brilliantly, however it does have its limitations. The standard business card size is designed so that it fits easily into a wallet or credit card sized slot, and as its purpose is to be passed to your business contacts for safe-keeping I believe the size standard should be respected.

But don’t let that hold you back. A few ways I’ve found to challenge this size format include using them as portrait as opposed to the more traditional landscape and even using square designs of 55mm x 55mm, so that they will still fit in the same places as a standard card.

Unusual Finishes

If you want a more tactile side to your business cards, then think about making use of a more unusual finish. These finishes are usually subtle but can really up the wow factor of your cards. Common enhancements include:
- spot varnishing
- foil blocking
- die cutting (such as rounded corners and cut-outs)
- edge colouring or foiling

Choosing an unusual paper can also make your card hold attention such as using a much heavier stock or one with a texture, depending on what would fit your brand.

Making use of any one of these design tricks will help your business card make an impact, contact us today to discuss your ideas.


2 Responses to “What Makes a Killer Business Card”

  1. Lorraine Johnson says:

    Double sided cards, why had I not thought of that? They look great, much more eye catching

  2. Donna Towner says:

    I really enjoyed reading this blog article.

    I am now going to think about re-designing my current business cards as i feel now they are too busy and not striking enough to be noticed even against some of your examples.

    Thank you

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